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Deckard Cain has been a part of the Diablo franchise since the beginning. He was one of the last of the Horadrim, and he was always there to help us identify items from one game to the next, game after game. Although you might not remember Deckard having a particularly bad time in Diablo 3, you might recall him having a particularly bad time in Diablo 3.

With the release of Diablo 2: Resurrected, it seemed like a good time to take a look back at Deckard Cain and the role he's played throughout the series so far. So please stay a while and pay attention, and we'll talk about diablo 2 resurrected items later. Deckard Cain was born in Tristram to Aderes Cain and his wife, who worked as a tanner. She told him stories about Heaven and Hell, Angels and Demons fighting wars on Sanctuary, and the ancient Horadrim who assisted in protecting Sanctuary from the Eternal Conflict, so he was always aware that his mother was a little strange, as well. She also forbade him from adopting his father's surname as his own. Indeed, we aren't even sure what the incident was about.

In his later years, Deckard found himself in disagreement with his mother. Because he didn't believe her stories about Demons battling the Angels on Sanctuary, and because he thought the Horadrim were an extinct order, he abandoned Tristram and his mother, completely disregarding the fate she had planned for him as a Horadrim. Following that, he embarked on a wild journey of discovery that took him to Kehjistan, where he studied ancient texts.

However, Cain's mother's efforts to instill a love of the ancient stories had at least borne some fruit, and when he returned to Tristram, he went into teaching. In these years, Cain married an Amelia, with whom he had a son, Jered, who was born in the following year. The problem was that Cain was a distant, aloof man who was more concerned with his scholarship than with his other commitments. As a result, he and his wife began to argue about Cain's failings as a father. With little attention from his father, Jered grew to be four years old before Amelia took Jered and left Tristram for her mother's house.

Cain was convinced that he was personally responsible for his family's deaths, which had been caused by his neglect. He may have gone insane as a result of his grief, but he eventually found solace in his work, particularly when he was appointed as Prince Aidan's chief tutor. Despite the fact that Cain used Aidan as a substitute for his deceased son, Cain's affection for him was genuine.

The events of the Darkening of Tristram, on the other hand, quickly took precedence. King Leoric was, according to legend, insane. As a result, he dispatched his son Aidan and the Royal Army to fight and be destroyed by the far larger army of Westmarch, executed his wife on spurious treason charges, and was now convinced that the villagers of Tristram had kidnapped and taken away his son Alberecht. The reappearance of Lachdanan, the former Commander of the Guard, only served to exacerbate existing tensions. It was Cain who was successful in getting into Tristram Cathedral and studying the ancient texts there, which confirmed every wild story his mother had ever told him as well as many others.

Although Cain claimed to be unconcerned about the Horadrim, he had named his son Jered after a famous ancestor from the Horadrim, a conflict that had always existed between him and his father. During his time in Tristram Cathedral, Cain learned of Diablo's imprisonment beneath the cathedral's foundations, which was originally a Zakarum monastery built by the Horadrim as a means of containing the Soulstone that held the Lord of Terror.

Cain had finally come to terms with reality. He was, after all, the last of the Horadrim, and he had no choice but to act. His realization, however, came too late. Demons began to plague Tristram after Lachdanan killed King Leoric, and Archbishop Lazarus led a party into the Cathedral to look for Alberecht, but none of them ever returned.
12-31-2021, 02:35 PM
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