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A bad shot animation in NBA 2K22 is one of the most frustrating things a player can experience.  shots will be taken too early or too late on a consistent basis, supposedly accurate shots will shank off the rim or backboard, and defenders will have extra time to come up with a block or a stripAfter just one game, it's enough to cause controllers to malfunction.
Having a perfect shot animation in NBA 2K22, on the other hand, is an extremely satisfying feeling.  Despite the fact that shots that should have missed find their way into the bucket, flawless releases become second nature.  In order to have a second experience rather than the first, these are the photographs that will transport you to that special location.

Kevin Durant takes a jump shot.
For good reason, many gamers choose Steph Curry's jump shot; after all, he is the best shooter of all time, so wouldn't he have the best jump shot? To achieve the best jump shot possible, certain characteristics must be met, including getting off the ground quickly, releasing high, landing high, and leaning back.  Kevin Durant's jumper is the one that excels at all of these tasks.  It is nearly impossible to block or intimidate him because of his slouching posture. NBA 2K22: 5 Players Who Are Rated Too High.
Mr.  Steve Nash makes a free throw.
Gamers who choose fast animations are only hurting themselves because there is no pressure from the shot.  In this case, slower and smoother is preferable because it makes it easier to release at the appropriate time.  For the purpose of achieving a perfect release, a longer time spent at the apex, as well as a long extension of the arms, will result in a greater overall size of the zone considered to be precise.  This is where Steve Nash's three-throw release excels, as it satisfies all three of these requirements.

Mr.  Stephen Curry's Dribble Pull-Ups
That Curry shot really comes into its own in this situation. Additionally, dribblers must be able to stop in an instant and fire off a shot before an opponent can close in on them.  Many dribble pull-up animations are accurate in terms of speed, but they are inaccurate in terms of body control, resulting in a lower percentage penalty for challenging shots.  However, it takes far too long for others to come to a safe and orderly stop.  It accomplishes both in a spectacular way thanks to Curry's shot.

A professional version of Spin Jumper.
No matter which type of jumper is used, all spin jumpers are considered difficult shots, and as a result, no additional restrictions should be imposed on the shot percentage.  It has a beautiful, smooth, and consistent fade that allows it to hit from long range even when a defender is close to the ball.

Harrison Barnes's Hop Jumper is a fun song to listen to on the radio.
Hop jumpers are used to create separation between themselves and their defenders before launching a high, quick shot that is executed before the defender can react and stop the attack.  Even though many of the hops in this game are far too short, allowing for simple blocks, the Harrison Barnes shot gets the distance necessary to get open against most coverage. .

Jayson Tatum's Post Fade 
Post fades have become a staple in online play as a result of the increases in shot percentage and badges received this year.  When combined with an animation that has a strong vertical movement and a strong step back, it completely eliminates any chance the defender has of blocking the shot or even getting a hand in the shooter's face.  Jayson Tatum's post fade is the cleanest looking in this area, and no one else comes close.

Added bonuses to the post hook this year, thanks to the efforts of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, though many shots will not be able to fully benefit from them.

With the post hook, the goal is to get the ball into the far hand and then to release it up high in order to knock the ball over any potential blockers.  Unfortunately, many of these hooks are executed with low releases and the incorrect hand, but fortunately the legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar gets it right.

The Fundamentals of Post-Hop Photography.
A large initial leap followed by a sudden stop is preferable for a nice and clean shot, just as it is for the hop jumper.  Quite astonishingly, the default basic option is the one that generates the greatest amount of distance while maintaining the greatest level of body control!
09-23-2021, 06:02 AM
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