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Urban Terror is a game first person shooter free for many players. This is a game developed by FrozenSand, can run on any Windows computer. This game used to be a mod version of Quake III Arena .

Shoot the enemies in the game shooter Urban Terror first
At first, Urban Terror is just a modified version (mod) of the game first person shooter Quake III Arena PC but was later developed into a standalone game, use the game engine to create complimentary ioquake3 , does not require the player to have Quake III Arena.

Urban Terror is considered free shooter for PC Hollywood, partly designed in a realistic style, but the motto of Urban Terror is "Joy of more players to the game's realism." Thus, we can enjoy a game extremely unique, interesting and attractive, has quit playing that hard.

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Urban Terror game mixing elements of the game Quake III Arena, Unreal Tournament andCounter-Strike . In the game, the number of weapons and equipment is limited. Calculate the damage of game Quake III Arena truer. Depending on the selected map, the environment in the game can have weather effects such as snow or rain.

Urban Terror game allows players to feel the many unique characteristics such as damage depending on the parts of the body (including head, body, arms and legs), the character could walk away despite being hit by many paste. Urban Terror's keep moving tips Quake III Arena allows players to move with more speed, can make great engineers as fast sliding attack. Ability to help players attack against the wall to jump higher, reaching distances and better speed. Ability slipped help players move quickly in a crouching position while keeping pace.

Free shooter for the PC has many different game modes, such as participation in the battle of survival came and Capture the Flag. There are also some more as the shot mode all the enemies, bomb disposal, captain following orders. Urban Terror 4.2 also has added two new game modes: Try not to die and Freeze Tag (characters can only be revived when a teammate to save at close range). When all the players on the same team, it freezes the other team will win the game of football. The game also has the fierce gun battle and dance mode.

In the game, each player has one primary weapon, 1 secondary weapon, one wearing the hip and place weapons to grenades. Players must choose at least one pistol, one rifle and available key to default if Kabar knife. Players can pick up weapons from the enemy to fill the position has not been used in the ark of his map. Players can choose from 2 grenades or two smoke grenades often.

When gaming first person shooter for PC Urban Terror, if accidentally injured should be bandaged. Leg injury that the player can move significantly slower until they are bandaged.Without ice, maybe players will slowly bleed to death. Players can bind to each other in order to recover a portion of blood. If there is a first aid kit can speed up the process bandaged, bloodied up nearly another person.

Game also has physical (stamina) to players running and jumping. Stamina will recover the fastest when the player does not move and just sitting. As players move normally, physical recovery with slow speed.

Developers do not require you to register before you can play this free shooter. You just need to download Urban Terror and complete the installation process was able to discover the great features of the game!

Urban Terror is a free shooter completely, was developed under contract for the end-user license (EULA). Right from the newly created, this was a non-commercial game, is not released for retail purposes.

If you can play Quake III Arena shooter, it is more likely that you can play Urban Terror without any problems.

Minimum System Requirements

CPU: Pentium 4 1.2GHz or faster
RAM: 256MB (512MB If it would be better)
Video card: NVidia or ATI card with 128MB RAM (256MB or higher is better)
Hard Drive: 50GB, as much as possible free space to continue to explore the newer screens
Urban Terror rifle in
Use the rifle in the game Urban Terror


Download zip , then just unzip UrbanTerror42 at any desired location on your computer.
Next, run UrTUpdater , follow the on-screen instructions to download the latest version of Urban Terror 4.2.
UrTUpdater can help players do 2 things: Urban Terror 4.2 Install new or updated Urban Terror


Please check your inbox to find an email sent to developers. Including instructions on how to confirm your account registration to find cryptographic authentication (key).
If you do not keep careful and to lose, you can recover your password request on your profile page (profile) around.
In the game, click sign in and enter your password, or use the following command: / auth-set <Your Password> .
01-30-2018, 12:24 AM
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